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How to Spice Up Your Sex Life and Save Your Relationship?

Most couples have invigorating sex all through our courtship and the early years of marriage. And then, what? You know how it happens, right? You have children, buy a bigger house, and your parents get older and need care. Before you know it, sex is on the back burner.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Read the Married Woman’s Guide, bring theory into practice and yes, your husband will once more bring you flowers, open doors for you and generally offer you his open and sincere heart.

Yes, it is a lot of reading, but please take your time and read the chapters in the right order (see the index on the right side).

So take the next step towards a truly fulfilling relationship and proceed to the first chapter of A Married Woman’s Guide to a happier more fulfilling relationship:

1. Introduction; Courtship and Romance.

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  1. angiewalkerblue9 permalink
    July 27, 2011 7:56 pm

    Love your blog

  2. December 30, 2011 2:11 pm

    Yes is true..

  3. Justin Williams permalink
    January 24, 2012 10:49 pm

    Your blog makes reference to the works of Dr. Tanya Larisse, a sex therapist in Ottowa, Ontaria. Do you happen to have any contact info for Dr. Larisse? I’m very intrigued by her work, and would be interested in speaking with her. Thank you; my email address is listed below.

  4. Deyon permalink
    June 25, 2012 12:18 pm

    I Love You

  5. hdgf permalink
    August 3, 2012 8:31 pm

    Unfortunately, I believe this may be a fictional author. I live in Ottawa and have been trying to locate her. She is not listed anywhere here. I have read no other works or words. I have even asked another therapist in the same field.
    Unfortunately, I believe she does not exist.

    • theresa permalink
      March 13, 2014 1:46 am

      There is the possibility she is protecting her identity from people that will hunt her down for both good or bad. I love this writing and have learned a lot.

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