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Better Spouses | Welcome to Better Spouses!

January 1, 2013

Welcome to Better Spouses!

By Vivian

This site is intended primarily for the woman who wants to improve her marriage.
The information and techniques described within are tried and tested and will accomplish the following results.

  • Improve your husband’s attitiude toward his marriage.
  • Assure that your husband enjoys remaining faithful to you.
  • Make your husband more cheerlful, less cranky, and much easier to live with.
  • Assure that your husband does his share of work around the house.
  • Increase the intimacy and communication in your marriage.
  • Energize your sex life –making it more satisfying for you and your husband.
  • Increase the happiness, satisfaction and security you feel in your marriage.
  • Make your husband more romantic and attentive to you.

It is unbelievably simple to accomplish these things. You only need to be open to learning and to putting the lessons you learn to good use. Come on in and find out!

Keep your minds open Ladies. The key to having a betterspouse is “Domestic Discipline.”

Principles of a Betterspouses Marriage.

  • Marriage is the foundation of healthy families and the foundation of a
    just society.
  • Faithfulness of Heart, Mind, and Body to the marriage is essential to
    the health of the individual and the family.
  • Sexual fidelity need not be dull and unimaginative for you or your husband.When the wife practices certain techniques, a lifestyle of sexual fidelity takes on an excitement for her husband that is unequaled by anything he has ever experienced.

Welcome | Toward a fantastic marriage | How to make him adore you | Punishment | Why this works | The moral advantages | The gift of hope | The specifics | About sex | My story | How will I know | Getting started | Faq’s

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  1. Lili permalink
    August 31, 2016 3:52 am

    I am at my wits end with my husband’s bAd behaviors. I have employed discipline in past however I have not apparently carried it out properly for any effect of change. Thanks for your site. I will employ your researched recommendations and follow up. Thank you again

  2. August 27, 2017 11:53 am

    Vivian, your writings are amazing and profoundly accurate.I have the most amazing relationship with my wife, peaceful and productive life, newfound self confidence, and overall a general well being as a result of your/this website. I cannot thank you enough! I feel like I owe you a huge THANK YOU! This site spelled out everything I experience with incredible detail that was easy for my wife (Ginger) to understand. At first, when I approached her (Ginger) she thought I was excited about the kink as this is what comes up on many web searches concerning a “FLM”. (and I am, but that’s not what I need).
    I evolved into this lifestyle years ago with a previous relationship, and then it ended. I remarried the most amazing and supportive woman to ever have donned the surface of this globe and tried without success to communicate my needs as a man.
    We are conditioned through public education, social media and culture that the only way to experience peace and comfort is through force and “ego”. These are falsehoods and surely maintain the status quo creating unhappy people who require counseling, medications and the like.
    The reality is that we are all hardwired the same. I as a man am very good at what I do, professionally. Personally, I have always had trouble finding balance, peace and happiness in my life. I/we (Ginger and I) have spent the last few years completely miserable. However, since reading your website Ginger has a whole new and working knowledge of my inner works. (in as much as this may on the surface seem like some form of kink, it is not!) The reality is that I/we am hardwired for this type of lifestyle. Anything else is a misguided and counterproductive mess! Most men (not participating in a FLM) will read this and think with the “ego-conscience” that this lifestyle somehow detracts from their “manhood/masculinity”. Listen carefully gentlemen, WE are designed to function this way.(period!)
    I have never been so satisfied, happy and content as I am living this lifestyle with my gorgeous and wonderful wife, Ginger. She is also hardwired to function at her best in this type of relationship. This is painfully simple fellas, once you commit to total servitude/obedience of your wife, life just gets better! Let go of your ego-conscientiousness, a whole new lifestyle will emerge allowing you and your life-partner/wife(whatever) to grow spiritually, physically and emotionally. Your health will improve. Social bonds strengthen and dopamine transmission within your brain will triple giving you a better :high” than any drug on the market!
    So, in closing, it is my belief that the world would be a MUCH better place, we would all be MUCH happier and productive embracing our predetermined thought patterns and going with the flow. (no pun intended. only those involved will understand this!)

    Thank you again for your extremely accurate and easy to read definitions of the human psyche. Dave Rossetti.


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